COASTEERING | Discover Experience Açores - São Jorge


Brief description: it's a type of hiking that is done near the slopes through stones carved by the erosion of the sea, the challenges of these paths are of high interest for the participants given that they are held on the “union” where the ocean meets the island. It's a way to walk slowly alongside constant obstacle challenges that will allow the participant to enjoy, in a very different way, the beautiful waterfront of the island of São Jorge.

Before the activity begins the participants will be provided with the necessary information as well as a small training, followed by the equipment usage rules, essential conditions to ensure safety and a brief description of the training and work experience of the monitors and their collaborators.


Difficulty: Minimal to medium technical requirements


Distance: Aprox. 1,5 Km


Duration: Ranges between 2 to 3h


Season of the Activity: All year (subject to changes due to weather conditions)


Includes: Guides, Liability and Personal Accident Insurances, Transfers, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)*, Snack** and boat


Maximum Pax limit: Up to 6 people


Minimum age: 15 years

Note: The equipment of the participants responsibility should be the following:

• Bathing suit/shorts and towel;
• Mountain boots or waterproof boots;
• A change of clothes and shoes for after the activity.


**PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) involves: helmets, harnesses, ropes, carabiners, eights, slings, maillons, cowstails, wetsuits, life vests and other accessories.. All of the PPE meet the standards required by the EC (European Commission) and the UIAA (International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation).

** Snack: Includes a sandwich, one juice, one bottled water, once chocolate and one piece of fruit. In case someone is vegetarian and/or allergic to any component, please inform the Company.