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Brief description: this is one of the activities where the participants can enjoy the relationship between sea and land.


The Route to Fajã dos Vimes begins in Calheta's Pier providing landscapes of enormous natural beauty with majestic cliffs. This Kayak journey extends to Fajã dos Vimes where there are beautiful adventure trails and where coffee is produced. When the participants arrive they will have the opportunity to visit the coffee plantations, try the coffee, visit the local Handicraft facilities and tour the Fajã.


The Route to Fajã das Almas presents a majestic view of Pico Island. The participants will have the opportunity to enjoy this Fajã's beach area of clear water, it's bar/restaurant “Maré Viva” with a fantastic ocean view terrace of it's basaltic rocks and of Pico Island.


The Route to Fajã Grande is the smallest one but it has a different view of Calheta's Parish and it ends in Portinho, a beach area with a natural pool and a bar with an ocean view terrace of Pico Island.

The Kayaks that are used in the activities are the “sit on top” type, they able and approved for navigating the sea up to 300m from the shore. The participants will be accompanied by one or two monitors depending on the route that is chosen. Before the activity begins the participants will be provided with the necessary information as well as a small briefing of the route chosen.


Routes: Calheta – Fajã Grande (2,5Km); Calheta – Fajã das Almas (5 km); Calheta – Fajã dos Vimes; (7 km)


Difficulty: Minimal technical requirements


Distance: Ranges from 2, 5Km, 5Km e 7Km


Duration: Between 2h to 3h


Season of the Activity: Spring/Summer (subject to changes due to weather conditions)


Includes: Guides, Liability and Personal Accident Insurances, Transfers, 2 people Kayaks, paddles, life vests, storage bin for personal objects and Snack*


Maximum Pax limit: up to 6 people


Minimum Age: 10 years


Note: The equipment of the participants responsibility should be the following:


  • Bathing suit/shorts and towel;
  • A change of clothes for after the activity;
  • Sunscreen and/or a Cap.


* Snack: Includes a sandwich, one juice, one bottled water, once chocolate and one piece of fruit. In case someone is vegetarian and/or allergic to any component, please inform the Company.