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Sea Kayaking is an activity were you can enjoy the link between land and sea. This activity consists, for a certain distance, in providing our clients with a different trip along the coast of the island.

There are long, medium and short trips, all of these trips have landscape, cultural and natural heritage interpretation. The people of São Jorge, like all Azoreans, lived for the ocean, which defined the personality of these people in the middle of the Atlantic. Therefore, we intend to show and make known not only the historical traits and of these people and the geomorphology of the slopes of their island, but we also want to offer the peace and leisure that the kayak trip can bring you.




The Route to Ribeira Seca Bay is our shortest route, ideal for people who have little or nothing experience in this modality or for families with children who want to enjoy a short, fun and different tour during your holiday keeping in touch with our sea.


The Route to Fajã dos Vimes starts at Calheta Pier providing landscapes with majestic cliffs and high natural beauty. Itá a trip from Kayak that extends to fajã dos Vimes, where coffe is produced and with beautiful adventire trails. When disembarking in this Fajã, you will have the opportunity to visit the coffee plantations, taste coffe, and visit the local Handicraft.


The Route from Fajã dos Vimes to Fajã de São João it’s a fantastic and unique beauty. The route starts at Calheta’s Harbor by van to Fajã dos Vimes (about 20 minutes). In Fajã dos Vimes, before starting the Kayak activity, you have to gain energy and nothing better than a coffee from Fajã dos Vimes®, a coffee with a unique flavor and known as unique in Europe. It’s also possible to visit a small part of the Coffee Plantation and also the Nunes Handicraft House known for the famous High Point bedspreads woven into manual looms. After this morning coffee, you leave the coast of this Fajã, getting the view of the entire trip, from the high slopes that rise to 600 meters, fajãs and even magnificent bays. During this Kayak trip you will pass 7 fajãs, starting with Fajã dos Vimes, then Fajã dos Bodes, Fajã do Cavalete, Fajã das Barreiras (abandoned since the 1980 earthquakes), Fajã do Ginjal, Fajã de Além and finally to Fajã de São João. Along the way there are also two beautiful waterfalls, the Ribeira do Cedro and Ribeira do Salto that both flow into the sea, ending in Fajã de São João. This Fajã has its own soul, beautiful by nature and by the people dedicated to work in the land, hence this Fajã to be famous for its wines, fruits, coffee and firewater.


The Kayaks that are used in the activities are the “sit on top” type, they’re able and approved for navigating the sea up to 300m from the shore. The participants will be accompanied by one or two monitors depending on the route that is chosen.

Before the activity begins the participants will be provided with the necessary information as well as a small briefing of the route chosen.


What includes:


- Certified Guides

- Insurance1

- Transfer from the meeting point to the activities and return.

- Equipment2

- Snack3

- Photos

- Small Boat or Kayak Support


1 Personal Accident and Liability Insurance – Name and birthdate of each person required.
2 All Individual Equipment: helmet, fully equipped harness, suits, socks and neoprene gloves and canyoning boots + All PPE complies with standards required by the EC (European Commission) and the UIAA (International Union of Alpinism Associations).
3 Snack: 1 Protein bar and 1 Water 0.5L. It’s recommended to carry food and water reinforcement.
NOTE For the correct measurement of the wetsuits and canyoning boots, the following measures are necessary: ​​Weight, Height and Number of Footwear.


Activity time:


- All year but most suitable for spring and summer.

- Subject to change according to weather and sea conditions.


What to bring:


- Swimsuit or shorts (if possible already dressed)

- Towel

- Elastic hair (if applicable)

- Extra sneakers to get wet if you wear a number 48

- A change of clothes and shoes to wear after activity

- Food rinforcement and extra water


Minimum age and conditions:


- Minimum age 6/7 years old.

- Suitable for all people with a stable health situation, except pregnant women.

 - Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, or provide written authorization.

- Be able to swim.


Meeting point:


The meeting point at the Discover Experience Kiosk next to Cais da Calheta:

GPS coordinates: 38º36’03.27 ”N | 28º00’37.48 ”O

If you do not have transportation from the accommodation to the meeting point and return, you can request a transfer for pickup and drop off.

Pickup / Drop off: 10 € per person up to 8 people and more than 9 people 20 € per person.