BIKE RIDES/ MOUNTAIN BIKING | Discover Experience Açores - São Jorge


The bike activity is done on roads that are not demanding, therefore are suitable for those who want to enjoy the nature of the island in a calm and peaceful way. The bikes that Discover Experience offer for this service are of high quality, from the brand Specialized, these bikes vary according to height (S, M, L, XL) raising the quality of service and well-being of the person using them. São Jorge Island, is a mountainous island that can hinder the progression by bicycle, so it has developed a series of paths for easy driving and progression, so that there is not much physical demand.




The Ponta de Rosais route is located in the western part of the island and begins in the Terreiro da Macela picnic park in Beira and ends next to the Church of Rosais. It is a mixed trail of asphalt and beaten earth. The points of attraction of this trail are several, from the beginning of the trail to the Forestry Park, in the middle of the trees, through the viewpoint of this Park, the old Whale Watch, the old Lighthouse of Rosais and the variety of Fauna and Flora that lives in an extraordinary landscape. In this bicycle tour, with good weather, you can see the island of Graciosa, Pico and Faial.


The Pico da Esperança / Fajã Do Ouvidor route starts at Pico do Pedro and passes through Pico da Esperança, with an altitude of 1053 metres and is located in the newest part of the island. This trail is made on dirt and ends at the beautiful fajã do Ouvidor. The points of interest of this trail are based on the beautiful landscape of altitude where, on a day of good weather, you can see the islands Graciosa, Terceira, Pico, Faial and the view of the central mountain range of the island. As you descend, you will notice a significant change in the flora. We take the direction of the north of the island until we follow an asphalt path that will take us to the centre of the parish of Norte Grande and its belvedere overlooking Fajã do Ouvidor. After a short stop at the viewpoint, we continue the descent for another 2 km to Fajã. In this one, we can swim, if the sea conditions allow, in the famous Simão Dias natural pool. A natural swimming pool, carved in the black basalt by the sea.


What it include:


- Certified Guides

- Insurance1

- Equipment2

- Snack3

- Photos

1Personal Accident and Liability Insurance - Name and birthdate of each person required.

2Equipment: Bicycle and helmet.

3Snack - 1 protein bar and 1 water 0.5L. It’s recommended to carry food and water reinforcement.



Time activity:


- All year.

- Subject to changes due to the weather conditions


What to bring:


- Comfortable clothing and shoes4 

- A backpack to carry personal items

- Sunscreen

- Sun glasses5

- Bathing suit or shorts and a towel (optional– advised in the summer)

4 It’s important to come prepared with clothes for wind, cold, rain and sun because during the activities there can be unexpected and adverse weather changes.

Minium age and requirements:


- Suitable for all people with a stable health condition and over 15 years old.

- Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, or provide written authorization.


Meeting point:


The meeting point at the Discover Experience Kiosk next to Cais da Calheta:

GPS coordinates: 38º36’03.27 ”N | 28º00’37.48 ”O

If you do not have transportation from the accommodation to the meeting point and return, you can request a transfer for pickup and drop off.

Pickup / Drop off: 10 € per person up to 8 people and more than 9 people 20 € per person.