CANYONING | Discover Experience Açores - São Jorge


CANYONING consists on a descent of a water course (usually embedded and with steep slopes) on foot or by swimming, resorting to abseiling, jumps and slides to overcome the obstacles. The canyoning activities take place in properly equipped streams.

São Jorge island is by far one of the Azorean islands with excellent quality canyonings guaranteed to offer the participants wonderful landscapes where, among other features, we highlight the many beautiful waterfalls where participants will have a real and unforgettable contact with nature and the freshness of the island of São Jorge.

Before the activity begins the participants will be provided with the necessary information as well as a small training, followed by the equipment usage rules, essential conditions to ensure safety and a brief description of the training and work experience of the monitors and their collaborators.


What it include:


- Certified Guides

- Insurance1

- Transfer from the meeting point to the activities and return.

- Equipment2

- Snack3

- Photos

1Personal Accident and Liability Insurance - Name and birthdate of each person required.

2All Individual Equipment - helmet, fully equipped harness, wetsuits, neoprene socks and gloves and canyoning boots. All PPE complies with the standards required by the EC (European Commission) and UIAA (International Union of Mountaineering Associations).

3Snack - 1 protein bar and 1 water 0.5L. It’s recommended to carry food and water reinforcement.

NOTE For the correct measurement of the wetsuits and canyoning boots, the following measures are necessary: ​​Weight, Height and Number of Footwear.


Time activity:


- All year.

- Subject to changes depending on weather conditions and flow levels.


What to bring:


- Swimsuit or shorts (if possible already dressed)

- Towel

- Hair elastic (if applicable)

- Extra tennis if you fit a number smaller than 33 EU|2 US|1UK or bigger then 48 EU|13 US|12.5 UK

- A change of clothes and shoes to wear after activity

- Food reinforcement and extra water


Minium age and requirements:


- Minimum age 7/8 years old for Canyoning Baptism and Family.

- Over 15 Years Old for Advanced Canyoning Baptism.

- Suitable for all people with a stable health situation, except pregnant women.

- Children under 18 must be accompanied by their parents or guardians, or provide written authorization.

- I recommend knowing how to swim but not mandatory

- Basic rappelling knowledge for Canyoning Advanced Baptism


Meeting point:


The meeting point at the Discover Experience Kiosk next to Cais da Calheta:

GPS coordinates: 38º36’03.27 ”N | 28º00’37.48 ”O

If you do not have transportation from the accommodation to the meeting point and return, you can request a transfer for pickup and drop off.

Pickup / Drop off: 10 € per person up to 8 people and more than 9 people 20 € per person.